6 Successful Careers for 2012

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Christine S. Baker

Are you thinking about starting a new and successful career in 2012? Choosing an online degree is an ideal option that helps you get your dream job. Online education has made it easier and convenient to obtain a quality education than ever before. Choosing a rewarding and lucrative career is very important as it gives you a great sense of job satisfaction and higher salaries. Here are a few top careers for 2012 that can give you a more comfortable financial lifestyle as well as help you achieve a better, higher-paying profession or career advancement.

1. Software Developer

Software developer is one of the top careers for 2012 because of the tremendous growth of computer field. As a software developer, you can create programs that people use in their everyday life, can improve their convenience and provide an easier or more efficient way of accomplishing certain things. In addition, software developers play a great role in the world of Facebook games and iPhone apps. Earning an online bachelor’s degree in computer science and IT might qualify you for the post of software developer.

2. Web Designer

Web designers are capable to build eye-catching, professional, and user-friendly web sites for businesses or people. They have an in depth knowledge of scripting languages, aesthetics, color, and coding. Web Designers can work in various specialized fields, such as information architecture, project management, Flash design, or Graphic arts. In short, their career possibilities are inexhaustible. You can enroll in an accredited online college for earning an online bachelor’s degree in web design that could qualify for the post of web designer.

3. Registered Nurse

The field of healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries that offer a variety of employment options. Registered nurse is the best career for 2012 that can be pursued by obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in nursing from top online schoolsAs a registered nurse (RN), you are responsible for taking care of patients, assisting doctors, and perfuming tasks such as administering IV’s and drawing blood. In addition, RNs help doctors as well as patients.

4. Paralegal

Paralegal is a highly paid and rewarding career field to go into and is considered as one of the most competitive and demanding fields in the corporate world. As a paralegal, you can help prepare for trials, draft contracts, establish trust funds, or even investigate the facts of cases and take affidavits. Individuals interested in the field of paralegal should consider an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. Those who already have a bachelor’s degree can earn an online certificate in paralegal studies as it can also help you enter in this field.

5. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is the person who manages the company’s public image and responsible to maintain a favorable image of the company in the corporate world. In addition, public relations manager forms an important bridge between the company, the media and other organizations. The PR manager possesses advanced managerial and communicational skills and provides their clients with effective solutions and takes on many challenging assignments in the PR firm. Studying an online bachelor’s degree in public relations can help you break into the PR industry.

6. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A certified public accountant is a vital member of a variety of business. A CPA is responsible for a variety of tasks including preparing, analyzing financial budgets and plans for various organizations and businesses. In addition, a CPA keeps accounting record for corporations and companies. You need to complete your bachelor’s degree in accounting as well as you must pass the CPA examination in order to become a CPA.

The above mentioned ones are the top careers in 2012 that would give you a great sense of job satisfaction. However, whatever career you choose, determination, self motivation and dedication are the key to success.

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Christine S. Baker is a professional blogger and webmaster. Her main area of focus lies with the educational sector. Check out Top Online Degrees blog for useful information, tips and resources to ensure you earn a degree succesfully.

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    Thanks to DISC tools I am now fully aware about my traits and personalities that need some improvements in order to be successful in my career choice.

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  3. Emilia says:

    I think you can never go wrong with any kind of an engineering degree! :) Otherwise, very good collection of careers!
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  4. Ivan says:

    If I were to take an online degree course, I think I would go with the first one, software developer. I am really intrigued on how professionals make amazing stuffs. Also, I am into gaming and it is one my dream to be part of a team designing games.
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