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I have decided to write a little about career fields that allow people to work independently. Unlike some of the basic, entry level work at home jobs I list on the main All Stay At Home Job Bank , today I will list long-term career ideas, some of which are home-based, while others may be outside of the home but independent in nature. Many of these career fields will require some type of education, certification, licensing, etc. but are well worth looking into if you are seeking a career path that allows you to work independently and have more control.

Home Office Careers

1.) Transcription

As a transcriber, you can either train and specialize in medical transcription, general transcription, legal transcription or other specific fields. Length of training to become a transcriptionist varies depending on the institution you choose. Most transcription training takes approximately nine months to a year to complete. There are companies that will take entry-level transcriptionists after training. The pay increases with experience. This can be a great career move for people needing a way to work at home.

2.) Computer Careers

Majoring in or getting certified in the computer and/or internet industry is without a doubt one of the best routes to take these days and will be for the years ahead. With careers in programming, graphic or web design, development, engineering and other technical occupations, the doors are open to work at home or almost anywhere. Some computer fields require more education than others, but some of the fields only require minimal training. You can learn more about these career fields at the following links:

3.) Writing

Just like occupations in the computer industry, writing is also a field with a lot of potential. The need for web content has grown and continues to grow. These days, you do not need to be a professional writer to begin writing for a living, but if you want to make an excellent living, it can be a great idea to take some courses online for writing and learn as much as you can about proper English writing. It is not necessary to get a degree in order to become educated as a writer. Many community colleges offer basic courses and continuing education courses in writing. There are also many online courses you can take for minimal cost or even free. In addition to taking a few courses, the best way to become a skilled writer is to find your writing style which comes with lots of practice. You can find some writing courses online by visiting the following links:

4.) Art Careers

Careers in art allow people to earn an income from home as well. The term “starving artist” is not always to case for artists who have learned how to freelance their work effectively or create art which is marketable. There are many ways to earn a living as an artist by selling art online, at trade shows, consignment shops or offering products with art on them.

5.) Photography

Photography is a field which does not require extensive education but is rather learned through experience and understanding of equipment operation. It is helpful to have a natural talent in the photography field, but in addition to talent, to become a skilled photographer, you also must learn how to operate a camera and have a good understanding of lighting, certain equipment and develop a portfolio over time. With photography, it is best to learn by treating photography as a hobby while having another source of income until skill level is appropriate for pursuing such a career full time. It is also important for an aspiring photographer to decide what type of photography they are most skilled at. Various types of photography and ways to make a living include:

  • Outdoor/Nature Photography: Submit photos to magazines, publishers, newspapers and sell on stock photography sites.
  • Real Estate Photography: Take photos for real estate agencies.
  • Studio Photography: Take photos of families, individuals, seniors, children, babies and more out of your home or office.
  • Still Life: Take photos of various products or objects. You can make a lot of money with this on stock photography websites.

6.) Teaching

If you have always wanted to teach but don’t want to be in a classroom setting, teaching is now a career that can be done from home. There are some companies that will hire online tutors without degrees, but if you have a teaching degree or would like to obtain a teaching degree, teaching and tutoring jobs are available worldwide from home.

To view teaching and tutoring jobs, see:

7.) Translation, Interpreting, Linguistic Careers

Training to learn a new language or utilizing your current bilingual skills as a professional translator, interpreter or linguist is another way to earn a living at home. There are many companies hiring at home translators. Learning and becoming fluent in another language can take time, but is possible with the right education.

To view opportunities for translators, interpreters and linguists, see:

8.) Medical Billing and Medical Coding Careers

Based on personal experience, I have a few warnings and tips about pursuing a career in medical coding and/or medical billing. There are a bulk of very misleading educational ads in the medical coding and billing field which need to be addressed. It is possible to work from home as a medical coder or medical biller, but it is not as simple as taking an online course and finding a job immediately in this field. It is very important to first understand that almost any company hiring medical coders and billers will require at least two years of experience on top of certification. If you are wanting to pursue a career in the medical coding and/or billing field, choose an appropriate institution. I will provide links below to accredited programs. In addition, this field is best suited for those who have worked in a medical office or are willing to work first in a medical office.

The other alternative to gaining experience within a medical office is to build a medical coding and billing business and offer your services, but with this it is best to have some experience in addition to becoming certified, so this is sort of a catch 22.

In addition to taking courses in medical billing and coding, which usually includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, various coding and medical billing courses and additional courses, you will have to get certified. There are various certifications for medical coding and billing offered by different organizations. The most common are:

Offered By AAPC(American Association of Professional Coders)

CPC Certified Professional Coder

CPC-H Certified Professional Coder-Hospital Outpatient

CPC-P Certified Professional Coder- Payer

Offered By AMBA(American Medical Billing Association)

CMRS Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist

Offered By AHIMA(American Health Infomation Management Association)

CCS Certified Coding Specialist

CCA Certified Coding Associate

CCS-P Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based

The organizations above also have educational programs and are the best resources to turn to when considering a career as a medical coder or medical biller. Be very careful about paying for any courses outside of or not associated with organziations such as these. It is also important to understand that medical coding and medical billing are two separate fields which sometimes can be combined as a specialty.

9.) Notary

One way to earn a living either out of your home is by becoming a Notary Public. You can either offer your services out of your home, your business or have a mobile service.

Requirements to become a Notary depend on your state, but the process is usually pretty simple. To read more about these requirements, visit:

10.) Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can market a variety of services to businesses. There is no limit to what you can do as a virtual assistant. Many businesses are now turning to virtual assistants to simplify things and save on overhead costs. Services to offer should be based on your skills and the needs of certain businesses, but can include sending e-mails, writing, placing calls, mailing, scheduling appointments, taking calls, creating forms and spreadsheets for companies and much more. If you have great skills and specialties in administrative assistance, chances are you can offer your services. You can market your services to online businesses, in forums and even locally.


Independent Careers Outside of The Home

 1.) Truck Driving

Training to become a truck driver is often paid by the company you want to work for and as a truck driver, you can make a substantial income. With truck driving, you can either work locally, state-wide or nationally. The advantage with this career field is the training is quick and you have the option to drive short distances or long distances.

2.) Private Investigator

Becoming a Private Investigator can be an exciting career field. You can work independently of for a company. Each state has its own requirements to become licensed as a private investigator. For great information about a career as a professional private investigator, see:

3.) Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters make excellent money. As an insurance or claims adjuster, you can work as a public adjuster or work for a company, but either way, the work is very independent in nature. In order to become an insurance adjuster, you must get licensed. Requirements vary by state. To learn more about this field, visit:

4.) Care Taker 

If you love to travel, becoming a professional care taker could be a great job. You can get paid to house sit for people while they are away from home. Typically the homes you will care for are vacation homes or seasonal homes in which the owner needs to have maintained for a period of weeks or months while they are away. Sometimes the pay is the room and board, while sometimes there is pay in addition to a free place to live. This is a great option for writers or people who work online. To learn more and find care taking jobs, visit:

5.) Skip Tracing

Research and gather information about people owing debts. Many of these jobs can be done from home. To learn more, visit:

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