How To Make Extra Money From Home For Christmas Shopping

As the holidays approach, budgets are being rearranged in order to prepare for Christmas shopping. Many families struggle to pay bills and get shopping accomplished, sometimes being forced to take out loans in order to provide Christmas and make ends meet. Instead of taking out such loans and getting deeper into debt, it is possible to earn money from home to save up for Christmas shopping and holiday expenses.

It is not necessary to take on regular employment in order to make money at home. Listed below are some great ways to earn extra money for Christmas shopping without being bound to a permanent job at home.

Content Writing

You do not have to be a professional writer to earn money for writing content. There are various ways to earn money through writing online. Methods like blogging and earning residual income can take some time, but there are other content websites which will pay per writing assignment and the pay schedule is often weekly with these websites. The following are great websites to earn for content writing and the sign up/application process generally does not take very long:

1.) Textbroker

2.) Interact Media

3.) E-Copywriters

4.) CM Copywriters

5.) The Content Authority

7.) Right Copywriter

8.) Hiring Writers

9.) English Major

10.) London Brokers

11.) Merchant Circle

12.) My SEO Articles

13.) Real Media Group

14.) Writers Domain

15.) Zemandi

To see more jobs like these, visit:

Get Paid For Reviews

If writing articles isn’t your thing, but you wouldn’t mind writing reviews about products or websites, you can also get paid for reviews by visiting the following links:


Once Written

Review Party

Review Stream

Shared Reviews

Software Judge

Star Reviews

You Data

Make Money Posting On Forums

Believe it or not, you can also earn extra money for posting on forums. If you are good at following conversations and keeping them going on forums, this can be a good way to earn some money for Christmas shopping. The websites below allow you to apply and sign up to be a paid poster.

Best Forum Posting

Forum First


Paid Forum Posting


Sig Trader

Wired Flame

Mystery Shopping

If you can get started soon, mystery shopping can be a fantastic way to make Christmas shopping money. This is how I made it through the holiday shopping last year. I will not beat around the bush with mystery shopping, you do not have to spend a dime to sign up to be a shopper, but if you want top consideration, I highly suggest getting atleast Silver Certified through the MSPA. This only costs 15.00 and takes less than an hour. I recommend getting certified not only to be considered when applying, but the certification course teaches you what you will need to know to be a good shopper. I assure you, you will learn things you didn’t realize about what it takes to successfully complete mystery shops. Learn as much as you can about the ethics of being a mystery shopper and more by visiting the MSPA website at .

After learning how to become a shopper, visit my directory of mystery shopping companies, all of which are legit and will not ask you for a dime. As a matter of fact, they pay you! Don’t ever fall for scams from companies claiming to be a mystery shopping company requiring fees. No legit mystery shopping company will ever charge you to work for them! The fee that you pay for certification is a competency certification which shows the companies you understand how to perform mystery shops.

To see a directory with over 200 mystery shopping companies, visit:


The holiday season is a great time of year to make money doing merchandising assignments because, obviously, more merchandise in various retail stores must be stocked for the holidays.

With most merchandising companies, after applying and being hired, you will receive notifications of assignments available in your area. For most of the companies, you will have the option to accept or decline the merchandising assignments.

For more information and merchandising companies to apply to, visit:

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    I have decided to make my own business for the Holiday season :) I’m excited to see it take off!

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