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Get Paid to Participate in Mock Juries

eJury provides an attorney the opportunity to "pre-try" the case before it goes to trial in front of an actual jury at the courthouse. Cases at the courthouse are usually tried to juries of 12 people. At eJury, each case is tried to a minimum of 50 people. This provides the attorney with a tremendous amount of feedback which he/she will use to establish a settlement value, find strengths and weaknesses in the evidence, learn "public" attitudes, improve jury selection, discover the most effective arguments,....You must meet certain criteria, have a clear felony record, be 18 years or older, be a US citizen, of sound mind and character. See if you qualify and sign up to participate in mock juries. Get paid $5 to $10 per case.

Jury Talk
If you want to earn additional money and have an enjoyable, stimulating time doing so,
You may be interested in signing up as a “Research Juror” for
our one day legal focus groups and mock trials.

Jury Test
You will be paid well for your time, and your overall payment depends on the length of the case, the type of feedback you provide, and in some cases, the speed of your response time. You will know how much you will be paid ahead of time and can choose to accept or decline the case. Payments will likely range from between $5 per case to $50 per case for more complicated and involved cases. Occasionally, you will be offered the opportunity to sit on additional cases for no fee.

Jury Voice
Contact Jury Voice to learn about becoming an online juror.

Mock Juror
Contact to find out about opportunities to become a mock juror.

Online Verdict
Earn extra money by becoming an juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time.

After you complete a case you will be paid for your time. Payment amounts vary depending on the complexity and length of the case you review, but payments start at $20 per case and can go up to $60 per case. Checks are mailed once a month to the address you have on file in your account. Meet minimal prerequisites.

Resolution Research
Resolution Research recruits individuals for mock trials from a wide variety of educational, financial and social backgrounds in order to reflect the potential juror population for your case. Potential jurors are highly screened prior to being accepted, to match your desired profile. In fact, all “jurors” are approved by your firm before final acceptance. Pay depends on length of involvement.

Register online to participate.

Sign Up Direct
Serve as a surrogate juror, help resolve actual legal cases in your community and
earn at least $100 for one day's work if you are randomly selected to participate!
Fill out the online form to be considered.

Trial Juries
Signing up for TrialJuries is easy. Once you sign up, you will be eligible to receive assignments and be a part of the "virtual juries" that review cases submitted by our participating law firms. You will then provide feedback to these law firms by answering questions about your response to the case, the facts and the lawyers' arguments -- often the same sort of questions that real juries answer in court. Your feedback will help our participating law firms better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.

What do you get by signing up? We will pay you for your effort with us. Your work to review the attorneys' case submissions and answer their questions should take about an hour. In most cases, we'll pay you $30.

Virtual Jury
Once you have registered, you become an important part of our jury panel. When we have a focus group to conduct in your venue we will contact you and invite you to participate. At that time you will given specific instructions and information about your private juror fee. We mail checks to our jurors within two weeks of participation.

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