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Merchandising Companies Directory:

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In addition, a few more sources to learn more about merchandising and also some great directories with merchandising companies include the following:

  • NARMS    (National Association For Retail Marketing Services)

This is the best resource for the merchandising industry. You can get certified, sign up, find merchandising jobs in your area, and much more. While many companies post merchandising jobs here, I have found that it is also helpful to sign up with additional companies. I have acquired more jobs by doing this which I did not find on the NARMS job board, but this is a very helpful website. 

Volition has a decent list of merchandising companies and demo companies. In addition, they have a big list of merchandising companies and a very helpful forum for readers to learn about the companies.  

Mass Reps is an excellent job board for employers and job seekers in the merchandising field.

Another great job board for merchandisers.

This is a huge job board with many well known companies that post retail merchandising positions.

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