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Website Testing

Get paid $10.00 per test. Each test takes approximately 10 minutes.

Roar Web Design
There is no information about pay. Visit the link, fill out the brief application, your computer experience, and additional basic information.

Start Up Lift
You visit the website, complete assigned tasks, share your thoughts and provide insightful written responses. You’ll earn $5, unless otherwise mentioned, paid with PayPal, for each submission that you are selected as an awardee. Not ‘any’ submission is awarded. Please be sure to submit an insightful, well thought-out feedback.

They pay $10 per test. This company also hires testers through Amazon Turk, which is a company found under the Short Task page on this website, but you may also sign up by visiting this link. They are seeking testers who can clearly verbalize their experience during the website testing. Tests generally take between 15-20 minutes. To sign up, create a sample usability video and provide a written usability summary.

Usability Sciences
Usability Sciences is actively looking for people to participate in usability tests, focus groups, and other research studies. We need people with work experience in a variety of industries. We also need people with different levels of Internet experience. You will be compensated as a paid participant for your feedback and opinions.

Seeking testers to provide useful information on a sites usability. For each test you conduct following the initial sample test, you will be paid $10.00 at the end of the week. To be considered as a website tester, sign up and complete the sample testing.

You must have a webcam, microphone, 200 MB of free hard disk space. Sign up and register first. You will then receive a confirmation and fill out information regarding your demographic information, which is necessary to determine types of tests you can do. You will then follow tutorial and submit a sample test.

User Testing
Earn $10 per website that you test. If you become one of their testers, you will be offered tests based on demographic information. You use our online screen recorder to record a video of what's happening on your screen - mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes - and your spoken comments while you use the website you're testing. You answer four questions in writing about your experience. If your sample test gets a good rating from our screeners, you'll start receiving emails notifying you about jobs. New jobs are posted daily.

Sign up as a tester by clicking on the community tab. This is a more complex type of testing, but worth taking a look at.

You Eye
YouEye needs participants to test websites and give thoughts and opinions on the website. Tests are straight forward, easy, and last 15 minutes on average with a 20 minute maximum on tests. Each completed test earns you $12. Tests typically consist of a set of tasks to perform on a website to determine how usable that website is. Examples include:
- Find a mens red shirt in size medium and add it to your cart
- Find out how much it would cost to travel with a bag weighing over 50 pounds
- Tell us what you think this page is about
- Find the number to call customer service

What Users Do
Application takes five minutes. You need a Pay Pal account. Pay depends on type of test you take, but the "Available Tests" page will show how much each test pays. They pay up to $8.00 per test.

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