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Become a Mystery Shopper

So You Want To Become A Mystery Shopper?

  • Can You Be Objective And Report Details Without Letting Personal Opinions Affect Reports?
  • Can You Take Accurate Mental Notes?
  • Are You Good At Blending In When Necessary?
  • Can You Follow Written Instructions? Can You Create Objective Reports With Proper Grammar and Spelling?
  • Do You Understand What Defines Appropriate Customer Service?
  • Are You Punctual and Able To Meet Deadlines?

If You Can Answer These Questions With A Firm "Yes," Mystery Shopping May Be A Good Option For You.

While you should never expect to pay to become a mystery shopper, getting certified is recommended in order to qualify for more and better shops. MSPA Silver Certification is a great option for new shoppers to get a firm understanding of how mystery shopping works and to have some qualification in the mystery shopping industry. To learn more about MSPA Silver and MSPA Gold Certification,visit:

MSPA Certification Page

You will not be charged a dime with the companies in this directory and I always strongly suggest being very cautious of any company that requires any type of fee in order to become a mystery shopper. Please learn as much as possible about the mystery shopping field before going out on any mystery shops. The best place to learn about the Mystery Shopping Code of Ethics, Certification and legal information about mystery shopping is through the MSPA or Mystery Shopping Providers Association. This is an accredited organization for mystery shoppers and mystery shopping companies. You can learn all you need to know about the industry through their website at:


The following pages contain Mystery Shopping Companies. For each company, you must visit the site and go to the section that states "Become a Shopper," "Register as a Shopper," or Similar.

Click Here For Mystery Shopping Companies Page I

Click Here For Mystery Shopping Companies Page II

Click Here For Mystery Shopping Companies Page III

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