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Paid Per Article

Article Content Provider
The pay is $10 per article and $100 per month for blog writers. They require writers who are concerned about quality and customer satisfaction. Prefer writers who know how to optimize web page content, including code clean up, image uploading/icons, and improving client conversion rates. You will earn top dollar and stay busy.

Auction Bytes
Auction bytes is accepting writers for How-To articles, various reviews, information about references and sources, tips and tricks, and information about online auctions. Pay is $20.00 for 100-500 words. Experience not a requirement, but you must be an online auction user.

Best Five Everything
Create “Best Five” lists. Earn points and later convert points into cash!

Biblio Buffet
The ability to meet deadlines is crucial. Biblio Buffet publishes all types of work, but the work must be original. They pay a flat $10 per piece for guest columnists, and $20 per piece for regular contributors with increases over time.

Break Studios
Seeking writers for various websites. Break Studios is particular about who they hire. There are a variety of subjects available. They pay well. Apply online, submit resume and samples.

Business Training College
Articles should give advice to the beginning and established freelance writer. We are particularly interested in articles which give advice on writing for specific markets and selling work: writing for the Internet, how to write scripts for radio, TV or the stage, market research, information research, how to write fillers and articles etc.

They accept feature articles, interviews, film reviews, book reviews, and columns. We currently pay a minimum of $10 for "Short Takes" reviews; $20 for book or video reviews (the author also gets to retain the book or video reviewed); a minimum of $50 for film reviews and short articles, columns or essays; a minimum payment of $30 for short or 'sidebar' interviews; and a minimum payment of $100 for feature articles or feature interviews.

CM Copywriters
UK based company now hiring US writers. Send resume to e-mail address provided.

Constant Content
This is a great way to earn as a writer. You can view current topics to write about or you can post your articles and set the price for use, unique content, or full rights.

You must submit an article on a topic they assign for your test submission. You must include the required amount of keywords as instructed. Good writing assignments if you are familiar with SEO. Pay is per word. The approval process can take longer than average, but the pay is decent.

Get paid instantly through PayPal. You can transition to full time and if your work is great, become a high paid editor.

Demand Studios
There are a variety of positons through Demand Studios. Get paid twice a week. Demand Studios pays well,
but can be hard to get in with. Submit your absolute best sample to get in with Demand Studios.

Dollar Stretcher
New writers welcomed. $0.10 per published word(this is a high
pay for writing). Write about money saving and frugal living.

Dot Net Slackers
We are currently paying US$ 100for a 1000-1500 words long article (not counting code snippets). Each article will be thoroughly reviewed before it can be accepted. Authors will need to send an article proposal before they submit the article. DotNetSlackers reserves exclusive rights to a published article for a period of 3 months from the publication date.

Apply online. Submit test articles. Pay based on rating. Starting pay at .02 per word.

English Major
English Major employs all types of people from all backgrounds to complete writing jobs, editing jobs, and more. You must have an Amazon Worker ID.

Green Light Articles
Are you struggling to find on-going article writing work? Well, Green Light Articles will help you find plenty of articles to write about! Apply now and start writing articles today! The more articles you write, the more you get rewarded! Green Light Articles accepts writers who have strong grammar and a good grasp on the English Language. All articles are to be written in English and therefore you need to be very strong grammatically in English.

Hiring Writers
We are an on-line research and writing company. The range of services we offer includes academic writing and research in all major fields of study at all levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate). We are hiring university students, graduates, master's students and people with adequate English writing/researching skills. This is a great chance for people who would like to work from their home computer, deepen their knowledge in various fields and earn money.

Interact Media
Fill out the online application and submit a sample based on your expertise to apply.
We are hiring university students, graduates, master's students and people with adequate English writing/researching skills.
We pay our writers based on the speed of delivery and complexity of the order. Generally, rates vary from $4/page to $12 per page.

Love To Know
They require extensive knowledge on the chosen writing topic. Apply online. Pay for approved writers starts at $20
per 650-word article, pending acceptance.

London Brokers
Become a writer and start earning money right away! You don't have to be a professional writer
but a native English speaker. If you are able to write original and error free articles and if your
articles are a good and easy read then you've just found a new home!

Merchant Circle
Write content for Merchant Circle. Pay is 4.00 per article. The sign up process is simple and fast.

Method Shop
$20-$200 (or more) per article or piece
depending on depth and quality of content.
Writers also get free eval products for reviews they write.

My SEO Articles
This link will take you to the careers page. E-Mail a sample of your work, resume, and additional information.

Quality Gal
They periodically hire content writers.

Real Media Group
See link for more information about the submission process and pay. They offer great bonuses.

Strategy Page
You get to suggest the subjects you cover. $20.00 per item. Submit sample to editor.

You must first register. After confirming and logging on, you can view the opportunities. They are seeking content contributors.

Great site with tons of available topics. Apply online. Easy sign-up. No experience required.
Pay based on writer's rating. You will be given a two,
three, or four star rating after signing up and
submitting a sample.

The Content Authority
Submit a writing sample. If approved, you will be rated as a Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4 writer. Pay varies for each level.

Valley Direct
They seek writers to join as a permanent writer and who are able to commit to a certain amount of work each week. Pay is 4.00 per article, but the work is steady.

Writer Access
We're currently accepting applications for professional, US-based writers. You may terminate your membership at any time and will be paid for all approved work.

Writers Domain
Register, submit a sample. You will be rated and pay depends on your rating.

Write Swap
This site is like a Fiverr site for writers. You post what you are willing to write for x amount of dollars.

Writer Access
Complete the sign up process, submit resume and writing sample.

Writers Research Group
The Internet allows today's workforce to conduct business from anywhere. Employees can craft sales forecasts over scones in a coffee shop, draft budget proposals from their living rooms, and collaborate on projects with co-workers located in satellite offices on different continents. We are always in search of talented, self-motivated, detail-oriented professionals capable of meeting strict client specifications and tight deadlines.
We offer a range of exciting opportunities:
Data Entry Specialists

ZEMANDI is a top provider of freelance writing jobs for internet content. Become a writer for ZEMANDI and start earning money today! You don't have to be a professional writer and you don't need to be a native English speaker. But you must be fluent in English and you must be able to write articles that are grammatically correct and easy to read.


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