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ACT's WorkKeys®program is looking for people to develop questions for workplace assessments.

Active Server
Do you think you have grasp of the server-side technology(ies)? Have you worked in a server-side tool significantly? Do you want to spread your knowledge to fellow developers? If yes, you could contribute your writings to Active Server Corner. Your contributions will not only help many developers, managers and beginners, but also could make you popular.

Active Trader
Active Trader is primarily interested in specific trading strategy and risk control articles from professional traders — the how, why and when of buying and selling stocks, options, futures and currencies on a (mostly) short-term basis.

Hand Cell Phone
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Write For Us" link.
Are you a mobile phone geek? Are you the one your friends or family go to when they want to buy a new phone?
Are you the one who always want to get the latest mobile phones available in the market
If you are, we would like to hire you. is looking to hire a few writers to write about the latest mobile phones, news, reviews, and tutorials to teach your fellow friends so that they won’t ask you the ask questions over and over again.

Landscaping Ideas
As a content writer/developer you would be responsible for writing informative articles to be used on These articles are generally 600-1500 words in length and can be on a variety of landscaping topics covered on our website.Content writers can be compensated on a "per article submitted" basis, or on a profit sharing basis, depending on the request of the writer. We can discuss both options with interested applicants.

Med Preps
We are seeking to employ part-time students or professionals to work on content. A typical candidate will demonstrate the following traits:
Experience in related medical field
Passed certification test or spent time in an academic training program
Academic success, shown through GPA/Standardized test scores
Experience teaching or writing test questions and study guides
Attention to detail and work ethic
Ability to work independently and meet deadlines with minimal supervision
If you have interest in working part-time to develop questions, study material, or career-related blog posts, please send your resume and a letter of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We look forward to hearing from you!

National Booster Club Training Council (NBCTC)
The National Booster Club Training Council, a non-profit organization, is seeking an individual to work on a contingency basis to write/research and or raise funds for our non-profit organization.

Style Career
Several titles of our eGuides are available for intern writers with proven experiences in business and the beauty industry. You will also need at least several years of writing experiences (college publications and internships acceptable).

At the bottom of the home page is a link to "Write For Us."
ISHN is looking for authors to write short articles on:
Personal Protective Equipment Chemical Monitoring Training Software and Using the Internet Hazardous Materials Handling Confined Spaces Lockout-Tagout First-Aid

Prime Writers
Needs freelance writers for writing essays, speeches, reviews and other academic papers for students in miscellaneous disciplines. 

UVO Corp
The main benefit of working at UVOCorp agency is that you can work remotely, and experience complete freedom, while concentrating on your other projects when necessary. You can manage your personal time exactly the way you like it. You receive orders in advance, and plan your time ahead, around your main job or personal life. This means freedom and responsibility.

SQL Server Central
We are a SQL Server based community. As a result, we like to see articles on any subject dealing with SQL Server. Any version. DTS, T-SQL, OLAP, administration, whatever your specialty is, your source of knowledge, pick something you think you're good at and send it to us.





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