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Residual Earnings

Apply with to be a Guide or Topic Guide. They have a variety of topics available. If you can get approved with, this is an excellent opportunity. Guides and Topic Guides receive a base payment in addition to earnings based on page views.

Article Insider
Write on a variety of topics and earn money based on traffic to your article(s).

Associated Content
Write about what you want and earn residual income based on views of content you write.

Evoire supports adsense code, which allows you to use your adsense publishers account. They follow the 80/20, which means 80% of the time, your adsense ad will appear.

Examiner is seeking Topic Writers. Apply to be an examiner in a particular category either locally or nationwide. Earn based on traffic to your articles.

Experts Column is a community where authors get paid to write columns (articles). Authors that we usually refer to as columnists simply publish their original and unique content on the site and get paid in return on revenue sharing basis. Best thing is for them to get paid to write columns there is no need to have an adsense id because we pay bit differently.

Fun Advice
To find out how to make money, you must first sign up. The fact that you can earn is not stated initially. Once you sign up, go to your profile and go to your settings. You can then enter your adsense publisher ID. You keep 100% of your adsense revenue. Pretty good deal.

Hack n Mod
You love hacks, mods, and diy projects. You have a work bench, enough LEDs to kill several horses, and at least eight miles of solder. If you fit most of the above criteria, we want you to join our HacknMod writing crew. Earn $10 to $40 per post depending on the quality, originality, and how much attention (traffic) the post receives.

Helium is a huge resource for writers with various ways to earn as a writer. The offer assignments which are paid upon assignment completion, as well as opportunities for residual earnings.

Hub Pages
Hub Pages offers writers of all types and skill levels a platform to publish what they refer to as "Hubs," which are similar to blog posts. You can earn advertising revenue in several ways. Hub Pages also allows website owners to promote their website

Earn money with your Google Adsense Account. Earn 75 % of the revenue by writing for Infobarrel.

Know More
Authors are paid a combination of base pay rate and traffic commission, and they typically earn from $100 - $800 per month.

Write about whatever you want. When you submit your work to oondi, you get 100% of the advertisement profits.

There are two ways to make money blogging on Orble. Through editorial stars, and a share of advertising revenue.

Red Gage
RedGage helps you make money for what you're already doing online and by building traffic to your content on RedGage you can maximize your earnings.

Seekyt is a revenue sharing community of writers. Write unique articles, promote your content and make money sharing your ideas.

Self Help Guides
Be a self-help guide and earn royalties for your work.

They share 50% of advertising revenue. You may sign up and write about what you want.

Xomba pays 60% of adsense revenue with writers.

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