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How To Start Freelancing For a Living

Freelancing is an excellent way to make a living at home. Becoming a successful freelancer can take a little time because you have to build up a reputation, but once you establish some clients and good references and complete a few assignments, you can start earning a part-time or full-time living through freelance work.

Create A Professional Profile

My biggest tip for freelancers early on is to really devote some time and attention to a professional resume and profile. If possible, have some references available as well as samples of your work. You can market yourself as a freelancer in several ways, but perhaps the most common way these days is to join a freelancing network such as or Below this article is a list of more freelance communities. When you sign up for one of these communities, you will be asked to fill out your profile information. This can take some time because there is a lot of information and sections to fill out. I urge you not to rush through this, because one thing you must understand about these freelance communities is that while there are many assignments, there is also a lot of competition. You will want to stand out, especially as a new freelancer.

Overcoming Competition Obstacles

Most of your competition will have ratings and reviews. These are the more established freelancers and clients are going to be more likely to hire people with reviews for their work. One way around this is to bid very low for assignments the first few times. This may feel like an insult to your work, but you have to look at this as getting your foot in the door. Now, when the client sees someone bidding at an extremely low rate, they will most likely check out your profile. If you have an excellent profile and some samples of your work, they will probably realize you are new and there is a chance they will give you a shot, but if you have a very low-quality profile with no examples of your skills or abilities, they will probably opt for someone who they know will get the job done and get it done right.

Types Of Work At Home As A Freelancer

There are many fields in which freelancers work. Some of these include writing, data entry, administrative assistance, computer programming, graphic design, art, photograph, and more technology based fields. For someone searching for entry level type of work, the best fields to specialize in would be the writing, data entry and administrative assistance.

As a freelancer, you will have deadlines to meet once you accept an assignment, but with freelancing you have control over how much you work, which is a great benefit for many people looking for a flexible schedule. Listed below are some freelancing networks to get started with.

Freelance Communities To Join

This is a unique website that offers job seekers with clients and shows the photo of the client and what/who they are looking for.

Elance is a popular freelancing community which offers users the option to register for a free account. You can also register for accounts that feature more benefits.

This is a completely free place to sign up and begin working as a freelancer.

At, sign up for free or paid membership.

Great freelancing assignments for essay and resume writers.

Sign up to join the forum and find work as a freelancer.

Get a subscription for 7.00 per month to apply for jobs posted. You can view jobs prior to subscription.

Pay $7.00 for a full 7 day trial. Paid membership monthly if you enjoy the membership.

Guru is an excellent resource for freelancers, with free and paid membership options. There is a lot of work here.

Plans here for freelancers range from $6.25 to $12.00 per month.

This is another popular freelancing network. Offers free membership and a lot of unique features.

Register for free as a freelancer.

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