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Is Working at Home Right For You?

Making the big decision to work at home is an option that should be given realistic consideration.
Working at home is not for everybody and I say that based on observation and experience.

Some people get a nice vision of sitting at home with a cup of coffee in front their monitor, enjoying life with no driving to work, getting dressed up for work, etc.. Moms and dads may get a dreamy picture of working while their kids play or while the baby sits next to them. These expectations will only turn into a big disappointment if this is what you expect work at home to consist of or look like!

Common Problems With Working at Home

The most common problems I see as a cause of failure with people that choose to work at home is once they find out that there are really legitimate ways to work at home:

  • They just don't do it as a result of fear or lack of motivation.
  • When they do land a work at home job or start freelancing, they don't have the self-discipline or motivation to follow through and keep working from home.
  • They can't handle the lack of social interaction.
  • They cannot be their own boss, manage their time or stay focused.

Who Is Best Suited To Work at Home

Working at home can be a life-saver for many people! I want to make that clear. I built to help people that can benefit from working out of the home. When I began working at home, I did so out of need and it was a blessing! But, it is not for everyone. For some, working at home is a great temporary option and for others, it can be a great long-term solution. Generally, working at home is ideal for the following people/scenarios:

  • If you live in a remote location or in an area where jobs are scarce, working at home may be the answer.
  • If you are suffering from a disability but are still capable of handling desk work. This may include physical or mental disability. Even if you are receiving government assistance, having a way to work out of the home can help you make ends meet. This can include pregnant mothers with physical restrictions that prevent them from holding a job outside of the home.
  • Students who are having problems finding a job or that need some extra money to get by in college.
  • People who have no transportation. Working at home can be the perfect answer for those without a way around.
  • If you would just prefer to work at home, you should be the type of person who does not mind solitude, can manage your own time and focus on work when it is time to work.
  • Retirees that need supplemental income.

These are just a few scenarios. The people I don't recommend work at home to are those who are just tired of their job because it is work. Working at home is no piece of cake. You will be expected to do the work if you want a paycheck. Whether you are a customer service agent, writer, virtual assistant, etc., if you are going to earn money, you will have to treat it like any job outside of the home.
I also do not recommend work at home to parents who think this will solve the need for child care. You cannot tend to your kids and work at the same time. If your spouse can take over for a while in the evenings or during the time they are not working and you have a way to shut yourself off in a separate room without being distracted, it may be possible to work out of the home with your kids, but if you are a single parent, it is next to impossible to attempt working at home with young children in the home with you. Some may try to work at night while kids are sleeping, but the drawback to this is that, obviously, parents need to get a good nights sleep too and if you are up all night working, this can add to stress as a result of lack of structure and sleep at night.

It is wonderful that remote employment and freelancing is no longer a dream and having this as an option is truly blessing for many people, but it is also equally important to weigh out the pros and cons of working at home in order to make an informed and realistic decision.

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