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Making Money on Gig Sites Like Fiverr

make money Making Money On Sites Like Fiverr

One popular way many people are making money is through gig sites like Since the birth of Fiverr, many other similar gig sites have been launched, some enabling sellers to charge up to $100.00 per gig.

What Can You Sell on Gig Sites?

There are a range of services you can offer on gig sites. If you are new to the idea of selling gigs, the following are some tips for getting started on gig sites like Fiverr:

  • List your skills and talents. Can you write well? Are you good with graphics? Can you make videos? Are you good at posting on forums? Can you write good reviews? Do you have a good following on Facebook? Would you mind driving around with an ad on your car to a website?
  • Visit some of the gig sites and study what other people are doing.
  • They key is to find something buyers are paying for that won't take too much time, especially gigs you can do in bulk. Forum posting and reviews are a good example. Writing is another good way. Offering to write on different subjects(careers, love and relationships, home business, etc.). If you offer to write unique content, you can write article for various topics and then rewrite them and have them prepared for various clients. The articles will have to be rewrites with different titles, but this is a great way to make money on Fiverr.
  • You can also sell items on Fiverr like jewelry, crafts and art. If you have a talent for this, you can profit.

Gig Ideas For Sites Like Fiverr

Below is a list of ideas to get your thoughts rolling on what to offer as a seller. Remember as a seller, you can offer multiple gigs, not just one thing.

  • Tutorials videos
  • How to/ Do-It-Yourself E-books
  • Photo Editing
  • Illustrating
  • Logo designs
  • Website designs
  • Sell your photos
  • Create and sell E-cards
  • Help people create facebook pages
  • Forum posting
  • Review companies or websites on review sites
  • Offer advice on a particular subject
  • If you have access to certain resources or can create lists, offering bulk lists.

(For example: a list of all of the online advertising firms in the US)

  • Help people create social network profiles
  • Offer rewriting services
  • Submit articles to directories
  • Offer to do research
  • Offer short transcription services
  • Offer translation service
  • Offer virtual assisting
  • Offer to sing happy birthday or other singing messages/calling for holidays
  • Offer to call people to tell them they are “Awesome, Amazing, etc.)
  • If you are funny, offer silly gigs(these are big)
  • Human billboard gigs

Things To Keep In Mind as A Gig Seller

Many website owners and business owners buy gigs on sites like Fiverr, so if you can keep this in mind when choosing services to sell, you will probably get more buyers. Also, try not to over commit with the services you offer. You will have to come up with gigs you can do in a time frame that is profitable. Offering to do gigs that will take you half a day each is probably not going to be very beneficial for you as a seller, but selling gigs that you have prepared or that only take a short amount of time will be the most rewarding.

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