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Transcription Jobs 101

transcription jobs at homeGetting Your Foot In The Door With Work at Home Transcription Jobs

Many people seeking employment from home express interest in the possibility of doing transcription work at home. Unfortunately, the majority of companies hiring for this line of work, especially for medical transcription, require at least a couple of years experience with transcription. However, for general transcription work, there are a few companies that do allow applicants the opportunity to take a test to prove they have what it takes.


Skills You Should Possess Prior To Applying For Work at Home Transcription Jobs

In order to do such work effectively, there are some skills you will need to possess in order to not only land such a job, but to maintain the position. A few skills required for transcription jobs include: Ability to type extremely fast (most companies require a minimum typing speed of 65 WPM). Typing accuracy in addition to fast typing speed. Good listening skills Attention to detail Good grammar and spelling Ability to use a foot pedal Familiar  and/or experienced with transcription software, such as Express Scribe


Equipment You Must Own:

Good PC or laptop

Fast internet connection

Headset Foot pedal


Companies That Hire Inexperienced Transcriptionists

1. AccuTran Global

2. Clark Fork Communications

3. Talk2Type

4. TigerFish 6. Transcribe Me

5. Ubiqus

6. Verbal Ink

7. Way With Words

To see the full list of general transcription hiring organizations, visit the General Transcription Directory


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